Welcome to Tortsmad

Welcome to the Tortsmad Website, Sister Site to the Yahoo Groups Tortsmad Discussion Group

The aim of this site is to provide up to date information on all aspects of tortoise care. The information provided is based on my own experiences with tortoise keeping since the early 1980's and up to the present day, including various field studies in tortoises natural habitats; these being in the Antalya region, Turkey and Santa Cruz, Galapagos, home of the Charles Darwin Research Centre.
You will find various sections on general husbandry, breeding and occasionally home reared hatchling tortoises for sale to good homes.
Please click on the relevant links to guide you through the various areas.
If you are unable to find a specific piece of information, please feel free to contact me on wizzasmum@aol.com  or wizzasmum@hotmail.com and I will update the particular page as soon as possible.