UK Tortoise Breeders

This list is compiled of a group of people from various locations in England, who are well known for breeding tortoises in the UK.

You can be confident that none of these breeders are in any way connected to commercial outlets and that none of the tortoises for sale have been imported or purchased from other breeders or dealers.

It is safe to say that the vast majority of breeders value good homes for their babies above all else and will offer back up assistance following the sale of their tortoises. Please feel free to contact the site owner if you have purchased a tortoise from any of these breeders and feel this is not the case.

Breeders list.



Cheshire - Darren Langford -

Tropical tortoises - Redfoot, Yellowfoot (occasionally), Elongated (occasionally), Indian Star (occasionally).
Mediterranean Species - Tg ibera (spurs), Tg graeca (spurs) northern and southern Moroccan, T horsfieldii, T hermanni boettgeri


Hampshire - Arlene Mitchel - 07814 117655. Testudo hermanni boettgeri
Jersey Channel Isles - also available from the mainland (E-mail for details) - Shirley Neely - Testudo hermanni boettgeri, Testudo horsfieldi, Testudo marginata
Delivery by arrangement for fuel costs

Lincolnshire - Mrs Sally Lafferty
Kirton Holme nr Boston.

e-mail -


Midlands - Linda King - Testudo ibera

North East - Karen Marsh -   Horsfieldii
Scotland - Aberdeen - Andy Robertson -  Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis

Perthshire/Scotland - Chris -

Hermanns, Spur thighed and red foots
All with correct paperwork except for redfoots which don't need any. After care back up by email's for as long as you need them, will only let them go to people with the correct set ups in place.


Sheffield - Martin Dann - -  Testudo horsfieldii. Testudo ibera with accompanying necessary certificates. 


Shropshire - Pam Upton - Testudo graeca ibera

Staffordshire - Paulette - Testudo/Agryonmes horsfieldii
Care sheets provided and delivery to certain areas - please email for details.



Shropshire/Welsh Borders - Sue -

Testudo hermanni boettgeri

Delivery to most areas by arrangement, for the cost of fuel

Over thirty years experience.

Suffolk - Ted -

Testudo hermanni


Surrey - Valerie Fowler - -  hermann boettgeri, graeca, marginated, russians

West Sussex - Simon Lipka -  Testudo graeca iberas

West Midlands - Sarah -

Testudo graeca ibera     Refoots   Testudo hermanni boettgeri     Testudo horsfieldii