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Tortsmad is a discussion group for all tortoise related subjects, from starting out with a new tortoise to other more controversial topics such as the trade in wild caught tortoises etc. All welcome whatever level of experience. Off topic posts are fine but please mark as OT so that anyone preferring not to read them can differentiate easily. Constructive debate is always welcome but personal attacks will be removed.
New members are moderated until the first post, when moderation is removed. This is to protect from spammers etc

There is also now a Facebook group called Tortsmad tortoise care. 

To dissuade sales from pet shops, garden centres ect, we now have a breeders list in the database section. All breeders are known to various discussion groups and buyers can be assured that no dealings or importation have taken place from these people.

Adverts for and links to dealers will be removed.

Please note that this site is in no way linked to the site tortoisemad .com which is a commercial dealership site.