UK Captive Bred Hatchlings

A Testudo Hermanni Boetgerri emerging from Egg

I occasionally have Testudo hermanni boettgeri hatchlings available to caring homes.

All hermanni babies come with full DEFRA documention, care sheets and after care service for as long as you need it.

I deliver my babies in person wherever possible as it gives new owners the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. 

I do not use couriers in any way, shape or form.

Tortsmad  is in no way connected to a commercial site known as Tortoisemad. The name may be similar, but there all similarities end!

I only sell to people who have a suitable setup up and running in readiness for a baby tortoise. 

Please feel free to contact me on for availability and prices. 

I presently have a few hatchlings available with CITES documentation, ready to go when they have reached 30 grams weight, similar to the one in the picture.