Links Section Great info on Mediterranean tortoise husbandry with downloadable option. brilliant feeding guide, with illustrations of all plants suitable for tortoise feed, researched and written by Linda King the tlady.  The original 'grow your own' tortoise seed as formulated by Lin King the Tlady, based on her own observations of tortoises feeding in the wild Recommended hatchling hides for all Mediterranean baby tortoises.  Current research on enforcement tools for regulating trade in tortoises. Recommended reading.  More information on many aspects of tortoise care. The Prince's Rainforest - help protect the Rainforest and all it stands for - very worthwhile project.   Brilliant clear pics for weed ID, some tort friendly, some not. Interesting facts about tortoise and turtle shells  Decent tubular heaters for background heating in tortoise outdoor pens  Site displaying interesting project involving giant tortoises on Isla Sant Cruz, Galapagos Islands. When using the infra red lamps for this item, please use the clear version and NOT the red one.   Excellent tortoise supplement. Well accepted by torts as has no nasty smell to it as other supplements. Forum for turtles and tortoises Forum for hermanni tortoises with a section for other species too. Decent clamp lamps for lighting for heat lamps.  Excellent incubator for tortoise eggs and reliable hibernation qurters for one or two small tortoises  Excellent link to Wild horsfields giving good illustrations of what the Horsfield tortoise should look like.

Reliable lamp fixture.