Tortoise Rehoming


The reason for including this page is that from time to time I am asked about rehoming tortoises for other people for various reasons. I would like to stress that I am not a rehoming service as such, but it seems a shame to neglect the fact that people do occasionally need to find good homes for their tortoises and if help can be given, then it's good to have as many options as possible to find the right home.

I would like to state that in the case of this happening, tortoises are NEVER rehomed to breeding groups unless the previous owner specifies this and are NOT added to my own group. Most people would prefer their much loved pet to go to a home not dissimilar to the one they have had up until this point and that is what is first and foremost in my mind when catering for this eventuality, unless of course the previous home has been totally unsuitable or has contributed to current health issues.  I would like to state that Tortsmad is not a rehoming organisation as such but when people enquire about what to do with a tortoise they can no longer keep, for whatever reason, it is often possible to put them in touch with someone willing to provide a good 'forever home'.

There are many rehoming organisations but wherever it may be, I would advise to always ask if it is possible to rehome directly from the tortoises previous home wherever feasible, as the potential for disease and cross contamination is high when tortoises are taken to a central collection point, no matter how well known the organisation. I cannot stress this strongly enough, especially with the recent herpes scare and resulting disasters within the tortoise community.

Since this website began, I am pleased to say that all tortoises requiring homes have succesfully been placed in new situations, with minimum effort and NO cost to anyone. I do not help with selling tortoises and would ask anyone wishing to rehome their pet to take note that NO money changes hands as this is purely here to help people in need. NO DEALERS WILL BE REPLIED TO. 

If anyone is looking to rehome a tortoise, feel free to mail me with details of your setups and usual husbandry techique and I will keep your details to pass on to anyone looking for homes for their tortoise.

Please note that I do not need homes for my own tortoises and do not take in tortoises that are no longer wanted. This is purely an effort to help other people looking to rescue a tortoise or rehome a pet that is no longer wanted for whatever reason.

Please note, this is not a charity organisation and NO donations are accepted.